Additional Ram 2500 Towing Features Complete the Package

The Ram 2500 Truck gives you all of the tools to be successful in towing your trailer. It can handle a maximum of 17,980 lbs towing. It also has additional resources to help you succeed. When you hook up your trailer, you also must hook up its brakes. Thus, Ram offers standard bumper-integrated trailer harness connectors. As you drive, the Trailer Sway Control can help you avoid accidents. Just switch on the "Tow/Haul" mode to enjoy a more "aggressive downshift schedule." This helps your Ram's Cummins Smart Exhaust Brake system work at peak capacity. You also have heavy-duty hooks, which are directly mounted to the Ram 2500 Truck frame. These allow you to perform a number of other important jobs. You might need to save someone from a raging river after a flood. Ram has everything covered. It gives you multiple reasons to stay with the Ram Truck family.
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