Tires' Tread Is A Must

Tread is the molded exterior of a vehicular tire. It almost seems like tires were once flat, then had designs and patterns cut into their surface, although tires are actually molded into shape using pressurized equipment.

However they’re made, tread is integral to peak performance on the road. You should always know when to check your tires’ tread, as it can promptly reach a point that’s too short for driving as you’re supposed to. Anything shorter than 4/32 inches, tread-wise, has been demonstrated to be associated with a higher risk of wrecks. Further, anything less than 2/32 inches can make you stop ten car lengths’ slower than a vehicle with new or near-new tires, if both cars are traveling 60 MPH.

You can stick a quarter in tread, using George Washington’s head to determine if the tread exceeds 4/32 inches. Can you see the head? It’s too short. Rather have a professional do it for you? Come by Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Kennett.
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