What to Expect When Your Lease Ends

What will happen when your car lease period ends? Of course, the dealership expects that you return the car in excellent condition. This means that you have to repair any damages, clean the car, and remove all the waste from the car. Here are a few additional options to consider before your car lease ends:

Return the Car and Lease a New One. You might decide that you want to change cars and the dealership will give you a better deal on a new car. Return the Car and Walk Away. You can decide that you have had enough of car payments and so you can walk away from your lease after you turn your car back in to the dealership. Buy the Car. The car might have grown on you. In that case, you may purchase your car for the buyout price you were given when you first leased the vehicle. You will be responsible for paying the residual value of the car.

Visit our dealership and inquire about the lease end options available at Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Kennett, MO!

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