Choosing to travel with a car load of cooked food items is a brave decision. For one, the responsibility is on you to get the food to your family gathering in good condition. Secondly, with all the great smells, it’s very tempting to grab a bite of the delicious food you’re transporting! If safe transportation is your main concern, we can help you with that; we can give you a few tips to keep your food items secure.

Our team here at Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram wants you to know:

  • Plan in advance to know how you will fit everything into your vehicle or SUV's cargo area.
  • Separate the hot items from the cold items.
  • Keep bread items in a distinct and firm container that cannot be mashed.
  • Use sealed containers that can lock tight for all liquids, such as gravy.
  • Whether you're just driving around town or out of state, always drive the posted speed to avoid spills.

We wish you, and your family, a safe and wonderful holiday!

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