Have kitty litter, sand, or salt in your vehicle in an emergency

We at Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Kennett think that it is important for drivers to be ready for the bad weather that winter often brings. Snow and ice can be treacherous to drive on, and there are some things that you can have available to you in your trunk to help you out in an emergency.

Salt can be spread on an icy or snow-covered area to melt the snow. This can help drivers who have icy build up in their driveways or parking spots. It will allow the tire to gain traction on the road instead of just slipping on ice. Sand can also be used to help you out in an emergency. Even though sand does not melt ice and snow like salt does, we want you to know that it is cheaper to buy and it can get you out of being stuck by applying it under the tires. Kitty litter works in the same fashion as salt, but remember not to let it sit on your driveway or it will refreeze.
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