Impressive Ram ProMaster Durability Features

The all-new Ram ProMaster is thought of as a popular cargo van because of the many unique features. These are just a couple of the durability features in this cargo van you will certainly appreciate.

The new Ram ProMaster makes stopping and protecting your cargo easier. With the Antilock Brake System, you'll never have to worry about the van wheels locking up and your cargo sliding around in the back getting damaged. All the wheels are slowed evenly, so the van comes to a safer stop.

The Ram ProMaster cargo van also puts a lot of focus on increased driver visibility. In order to do this, the cargo van utilizes a raised driver seat, shorter front-end, enormous windshield, all working together to give the driver has a much high vantage point on the roads.

Stop by Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Kennett today so you can take the new Ram ProMaster for a test drive.




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