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Don't Waste Loads Of Money On A Vehicle - Read This First

There are literally millions of vehicles on the road at any point in time in the United States of America. People use them to get to work, school, the grocery store, and everywhere else in between. Without cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs - and anything else that's motorized, street legal, and features wheels - it would be difficult to live as an independent person.

Unless, of course, you live in a large city where taking public transportation is feasible, rather than riding buses around for hours at a time to get to a thirty minutes' drive away.

Anyways - there are plenty…
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What to Expect When Your Lease Ends

What will happen when your car lease period ends? Of course, the dealership expects that you return the car in excellent condition. This means that you have to repair any damages, clean the car, and remove all the waste from the car. Here are a few additional options to consider before your car lease ends:

Return the Car and Lease a New One. You might decide that you want to change cars and the dealership will give you a better deal on a new car. 

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Here’s To Rain—May It Never Get the Best of Your AWD-Equipped Dodge

This one is for rain, layer of waste, bringer of life, the thing that ruins parades, weddings, and barbecues—normally a gathering of dark clouds will send motorists heading for shelter, and while it’s no excuse for careless driving, if you’ve got one of the AWD-equipped new Dodge models on your side, you can forget about a rain check; when it rains, it pours..and the Dodge lineup roars.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away Says Chrysler

There’s something special about the sound of rain hitting a metal roof. It brings many of us back to childhood. Maybe it was the sound you heard before falling asleep at your grandmother’s house or at camp for the first sleep away adventure. It might have been raindrops pinging on the roof of the woodshed nearby or maybe hitting the neighbor’s carport.

While rain can be a relaxing sound, it’s not usually the case when you’re driving. Rain makes for slippery roads but Chrysler has a way to make the drive just a little less…

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Kings and queens present their words of wisdom

The kings and queens of America are a group of people who Chrysler has deemed to be the top leaders, entrepreneurs, and designers who deserve some recognition, and they've been featured in a series of commercials for the Chrysler 300. The most recent involves some words of wisdom from these inspiring people who have set out to achieve their dreams which they've all been successful in, and here at Bayird Dodge Chrysler Jeep…

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