A Quick Glimpse at the 2018 Jeep Compass Safety Features

The 2018 Jeep Compass is a compact SUV that is a popular choice among consumers for numerous reasons, such as the variety of active safety features that come equipped with the 2018 model. To find out more about its safety features read further.

The 2018 Jeep Compass comes with Rear Cross Path Detection and Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking. The Rear Cross Path Detection system can help you back out of parking spots by monitoring when a vehicle is in your rear path. If a vehicle is detected by the system, it will send you an audible and visual…

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Reversing with Safety in the Jeep Renegade

You can enhance the exterior of the Jeep Renegade with such colors as Hypergreen Clear Coat and Colorado Red as well as decal designs created from the Jeep Graphics Studio. To mark the vehicle's heritage, the front grille displays the iconic seven-slot grille bookended by two round headlamps. You'll still remain visible if you go with the available fog lamps.

You can rely on the colored gridlines displayed on the Parkview® Rear Back Up Camera image to help you determine your reverse direction and how close you’re getting to possible obstacles...

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How is the Dodge Durango's Control?

With a powerful vehicle such as the Dodge Durango at your fingertips, a question that often pops up beside its powerful engines is how the popular three-row SUV performs under certain conditions and if the control is still manageable.

Depending on your choice of engine, the Dodge Durango provides you with two all-wheel-drive systems. Regardless of which one you pick, both are excellent when it comes to handling traction, and neither will end up disappointing the driver. The V6 engine comes with electrohydraulic steering while the V8 engine comes with...

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The Exterior Design of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is well known for being a hard working vehicle that is also suitable for the needs of the whole family. For over 25 years, the Grand Cherokee has been a top performer in its class.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers you some great design features. You have several options to choose from when it comes the the wheels on the Grand Cherokee. 17-inch aluminum wheels are available, and there are a variety of 18-inch wheel options. 20-inch wheels are available with a polished satin finish. The Grand Cherokee now features a dual-pane sunroof. The back panel…
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Convenient Technology Features of the Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is a popular mid-size sedan with a host of technology features that make for a more enjoyable ride. Two of the top convenient technology features are keyless enter 'n go and adaptive cruise control with stop.

Keyless enter 'n go technology lets you enter the car without needing to manually unlock the doors. As long as the fob is on your person, the Dodge Charger automatically unlocks for you when you are by the vehicle. In the driver's seat, you can also start the car by pushing the start button when the fob is on you…

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Hidden Away In The Caravan

Although the Dodge Caravan is often considered a family vehicle, there are a few interior features that make it feel like you're riding in luxury. The leather seats provide comfort whether you're traveling a short distance or taking a road trip. There is plenty of room in the van for seven people as well as several bags or pieces of luggage in the back of the van.

A hidden compartment behind the third row offers even more space for even more items that you need to transport, such as sporting equipment for the kids or extra groceries. An…

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Ride in Comfort in the 2018 Dodge Journey

The 2018 Dodge Journey is a mid-size SUV that is unlike any other vehicle available today. It is home to advanced interior features that will keep you and up to six passengers comfortable next time you are driving through the streets of Kennett, MO. This SUV proves that crossovers can be built with luxury in mind.

The heated driver's seat in the 2018 Journey is just one of the many enticing features found in this mid-size crossover. Its second row of seats has split-folding seatbacks so that you can increase legroom or...


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Impressive Ram ProMaster Durability Features

The all-new Ram ProMaster is thought of as a popular cargo van because of the many unique features. These are just a couple of the durability features in this cargo van you will certainly appreciate.

The new Ram ProMaster makes stopping and protecting your cargo easier. With the Antilock Brake System, you'll never have to worry about the van wheels locking up and your cargo sliding around in the back getting damaged. All the wheels are slowed evenly, so the van comes to a safer stop.

The Ram ProMaster cargo van also puts a lot of focus on increased…
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Drive Better in the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

To help you take advantage of the mileage-busting features of the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, its built-in coaching tool informs you when you’re driving efficiently through a tiny green light. Drive with less eco-sensitivity and that light becomes white. A meter shows you how much electrical power is left in case you want to achieve the 33-mile range on pure electricity alone. And a mobile app helps you located nearby charging stations.

Numerous driver-assist features improve the safety of you drive. The available 360-degree Surround View...

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You Can Stay Safe in the Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger has been a popular choice when it comes to performance sedans. It has a combination of modern features, sleek stylings, and powerful components under the hood.

Not only do Chargers perform well in terms of handling, but they also have several safety features built into them. Whenever you're in reverse, the ParkView® Rear Back Up Camera kicks into operation. You can make sure that you're steering clear of any objects, pets, or small children while you're backing up. If you ever do have to brake quickly, you can do so under control thanks to…

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